My Inner Truth

At a very young age I was introduced to Art and not too long after I was introduced to poetry and I fell in love with them both. And since that time I have taken myself to task to honed my talents and skills to precision. Having become a bit obsessed about becoming better along the way. In not to many ways my life as a poet/writer/musician, has become about personal betterment and expansion on all loves and I have the arts to thank for that.

Expression has become my quest in life along with sharing myself with others intimately and speaking for those to quite  articulate themselves properly to others and to the rest of society.  I have always hoped to tell the stories that needed to be told. In my short time upon this place I have seen a lot and heard even more and I have taken all of those stories very near and dear to my heart. I hope to tell the stories of others even more so than I hope to tell my own, in the grand scheme of life, we are all interconnected and extensions of a greater self.This page is simply one facet of who I am, a side of myself I rather enjoying indulging in and exploring, “Sexuality!”

To me “Sexuality” is akin to “Spirituality” there is no more intimate bond than the intimate bond outside of giving birth than the intimate indulgence of lovers in the physical and the spiritual. That moment when two cease to be and become one in their union, exchanging intense energies on levels that mostly neither of them can understand, but yet and still they allow themselves to be swept away in the current of it all, coming to the beckon of satiation.

Too often in life we give ourselves too freely to others and like children we playfully explore one another, learning as we go. But there is always a higher level and always more to learn. Most of become content, having only learned the basics of sexual exploration and expression.

Too often we learn to touch but we don’t understand how to feel, how to feel the flush of energy of another as they touch you as you touch them, to harness that sexual energy into something profoundly more powerful and way more enduring and endearing. Most times the allure of mental foreplay gives heed to lust. Lust will hard press you into indulgences not allowing you to properly enjoy sensuality and seduction. Intimacy is a marathon not a 50 yard dash, you must pace yourself to last for the long run.

The stories I share with you today come from a decision I made to share free content and the wealth of my experiences , with hopes that they may expand your sexual horizons and open your to more plentiful sexual, romantic and relationship experiences.

I often refer to my work as “Intellectual Orgasms” a phrase I coined quite some time ago for I write Erotica in such a way that I am hoping to inspire not only physical but “Intellectual Orgasms” as you read my work.

I hope they you allow them to touch you and massage your temporal lobe inciting heightened brain active as your synapses begin to fire and you feel your temperature begin to rise. I hope you fall so deeply into my stories that your arousal becomes so overwhelming that you squirt forth a wellspring of uncontained energies into the universe, releasing yourself from your usual societal restrains.

These works are for the “Sapiosexual” in you! I hope in your reading you become, not only a follower of my work, but intimate supporter of my love for sexual exploration and fulfillment.

Love & Light

N.D.Graydon (Dekontee)


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